Disney Land and LA

Here some photos from Disney Land (The happiest place of this earth) and LA. There are heaps more but i couldn't be bothered posting them all. haha

Disney Land. Halloween is massive over here. I was shocked at how many houses have decorations out the front as if it was xmass.

Hanging out with our 3D sunnies waiting to go into the "honey i shrunk the audience" 3D show. 

Toon town in Disney Land. SOOO tripy. It looks like your walking through a old school disney cartoon. back when cartoons use to be fun. ha

Laura in Minnies cartoon house

Alice in Wonderland ride! Brought back some old memories.

Laura with bowies walk of fame star in Hollywood

We got to hang out with sponge bob. We're BFF's now (hahaha)

Venice Board walk

Santa  Monica Peir

Santa Monica Beach sunset

Santa Monica Pier

Hollywood Sign

Photos of Vagus coming soon!!!!!!
Maybe tomorrow if i can pull myself away from the pool for long enough. haha


Chad and Laura

Photos from Canada

Laura Chillin the Park
couple of mugs at the wedding
Laura and her mother dancing
The Bride and the Groom

The View from our cabin at Laura's cousins wedding
Me going to test the water temp
Laura Chasing a duck in the park
Its crazy the colour the tress get over there


We arrived in Canada (halifax) safe and sound and with our heads still on our shoulders(thank god ha). It was the biggest mission traveling on the bus for over two days. I've now caught up on all the Entourage seasons. We came across some interesting people on the way, one guy who was trying to sell us weed in bangor (i dont know where bangor is either) and another guy breaking plastic off the bus trying to make a weapon, freaky. Lucky he got off on the next stop.
We're going to Laura's cousin's wedding today. We haven't taken too many photos yet. Will post some soon.

How is everyone doing at home? 
much going on?

PS I changed the comments so anyone can comment now, you don't need to sign in.

New York!

Sorry for the lack in updates, I've been stealing net from another building while staying in our hostel in New York. Here is a hand full of photos from our first couple of days in the big apple.

View From our Hostel kitchen W. 103rd right next to central park
Laura walking to Brooklyn. I don't think i have ever been to a more trendier place in my life! so many cool little second hand stores and boutiques, and even more hipsters than the oxford arts on a good night.

The View downtown from the Rockafella building.

The View Uptown from the Rockafella Building.

laura hates this photo.

New york was insane! We could have stayed the whole trip there easily. Apart from getting lost on the subway numerous times its was so much fun, definitely going back! 
I'll post some more photos soon. We're just on our way to Halifax in Canada to meet Laura's Family.


Chad & Laura.

The Beginning

So... I Started my long journey to meet up with laura in New york. I think i worked out, that was traveling/in transit for about 22hrs in total It was tough. Especially when the dumb bitch in front of me stole me blanket on the flight from NZ to LAX (partly my fault for not asking for another one haha). It was pretty strange traveling by my self, no one to wait for or organize. Kinda boring tho.
anyway here are some photos from my travels so far

Saying good bye to Australia

Transit in New Zealand

Good old steiny. Had a massive night on these beers in the cooks once. Its all started with copping a punch for Ben Hanson. Bad case of mistaken identity.

Panoramic Shot from my phone, would have been better with a tripod haha

Tasty corona and the Malibu Pier

NYC times square

6 more sleeps till i get to this place!!!! (times square New York) I'm that excited. 

Dropping Laura off to the air port, on her way to her Europe contiki tour.